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      What is elastane?

      by Shopify API

      Feb 25 2022

      What is elastane Fiber ?

      Mlastane is a term for an incredibly elastic synthetic fiber also called “spandex” and “lycra”.
      Manufactures widely use it to combine it with other fabrics (cotton, bamboo, polyester), to bring more elasticity to it. Elastane fibers do not allow the fabric to tear during stretching and wearing. It is a smooth and shiny fabric. Clothes that are made from it look smart, festive, and modern.

      Elastane can be dyed in absolutely any color, filled with a pattern, or left unicolored. Bright stretchy things attract us with their unusual appearance and versatility. Elastane is also suitable for people who save their time and prefer not to iron their clothes. Even those rare wrinkles on your favorite dress will disappear quickly when you wear your clothes on.

      Elastane can be used for: 

      • Casual clothes (leggings, t-shirts, dresses)
      • Suits (pants, jackets, shirts)
      • Tracksuits
      • Variety costumes
      • Linen socks

      The main advantages of elastane

      • Elasticity. Spandex stretches well and can grow up to eight times its length. Moreover, after stretching, it easily and quickly returns to its original shape.
      • Strength and wear resistance. Adding spandex to the garment doubles its lifespan.
      • It is very light
      • Softness. Mixed fabric can be draped without problems.
      • Subtlety. These synthetics can be added to any other fabrics: it will be woven easily.
      • Breathability: the body “breathes”.
      • Water resistance.
      • Comfort to wear. Things with spandex do not bind the body, do not wrinkle, and do not shrink.
      • Resistant to dirt. Almost any stain can be washed off with a simple rinse.

      The main disadvantages of elastane

      • It is a synthetic fiber
      • Rarely spandex can cause allergic reactions
      • Intolerance to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

      Where is it used?

      • Clothing is the major area of use of this fabric. It is especially popular as a material for sportswear and underwear due to the elasticity and the ability to adapt to the body curves and shape.  
      • Elastane fabric is also an important component in socks; even socks that are made almost entirely from wool contain at least some amount of spandex to help them stay on a wearer's feet. Everyday work socks and athletic socks almost always contain 3-10 percent elastane
      • Socks, leggings, t-shirts, cycling pants, swimwear, and tights – that’s where elastane can be often found.

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