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      Over the Knee  
      Over the knee tend to be just a smidge shorter than thigh highs, and are a perfect compliment to skirts or shorter dresses, a mixture of flirty and fun, especially in the sun.
      Knee High  
      Knee High are exactly what it says on the box, they come right up to the knee without going over. They’re a good middle ground between thigh high and crew socks, and show off that awesome print you picked out even if you’re rockin’ a pair of boots.
      Also called mid-calf socks, they’re cut a few inches beneath the knee. Formal socks, they usually sport a thinner fabric than crew socks.  Trouser socks tend to be a bit higher than your average crew sock, but they don’t completely cover the calf. They’re common in the office and for slightly more formal occasions. Both men and women wear mid-calf socks, which usually feature a thinner fabric.
      This length is the bread and butter of socks. It’s long enough to show above most shoes without being too dramatic, but you’ll still get the effect of whatever fun design or print you chose. They also fill the niche for dress socks as you can still get that peek below pants or a longer dress.
      These socks terminate along the ankle line. They can be seen, but show little. Ankle socks are often worn with stylish shoes, booties, and flats.
      These socks disappear beneath the cuff of your shoe. They cannot be seen at a glance, save perhaps for a disappearing line of fabric. These  socks go well with lightweight athletic shoes.